Welcome all to the WIKI page of the Camp of Good Intentions! The Camp of Good Intentions is a lovely group of folks who like to reside around the 4:30-4:45 & K neighborhood in the most awesome city in the world. Yes, I am talking about Black Rock City. The home of amazing spirits, devastatingly awesome artwork and an environment that screams, Welcome Home!!

Why is this here? That's a fine question. After our third burn, we decided it was time to get ourselves organized. Throughout the year we would have these great conversations, come up with killer ideas, get distracted by the default world and then forget about them. We can't count the number of cocktail napkins with drawings of fire breathing ducks we've misplaced! We stumbled upon Wikia and decided this would be a great mechanism to keep track of our, and your, ideas. This site has the added bonus of being open and easy for anyone who wants to use it all around the planet. You can simply participate as an anonymous user or, preferably, feel free to create an account and login so we can see who you are and your pretty picture!

Why the name Camp of Good Intentions?  Well, for us, the thought of the burn brings out a monstrous craving for creativity.  We want to do so much and have so little time and resources.  That silly default world keeps getting in the way.  Not that this stops just makes everything a little more entertaining! After the hundredth time the phrase "we were going to, but..." was uttered, our camp was named.  

So, this is an open forum for all the folks in our little neighborhood, virgins who are looking for some mostly positive guidance and to anyone else who is just a plain awesome person!  It's a place to share ideas , pictures , videos , and anything else that comes to mind. Feel free to add, edit, and most importantly ask questions! Even the littlest things can greatly improve your burn experience. And who knows, this may actually end up being useful!

Dusty hugs, Elwood and Darren

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Elwood and Darren!